Thieves using a stolen digger to rip a ATM cash machine from the wall

Thieves using a stolen digger to rip a ATM cash machine from the wall

Posted on April 11, 2019

Dramatic footage has emerged of thieves using a stolen digger to rip a cash machine from the wall of a local shop before making a getaway in a van.

CCTV footage shows the ram-raiders tearing down building and brickwork around the ATM in Dungiven, County Londonderry at 4.15am on Sunday.

During the ram-raid, one man operated the digger and tore down the side of the off-licence, while two other two men wearing balaclavas watched on.

Once the safe was extracted from the wall, the thieves lowered the ATM into a Citroen Berlingo getaway van which had its roof cut off.

The thieves sped off with the machine protruding out the top of the vehicle, leaving a gaping hole in the shop’s wall with debris strewn everywhere.

The robbery is the latest in a spate of ATM thefts and is the eighth in the Northern Ireland this year.

n tactics similar to previous attacks, the thieves used a digger stolen from a nearby work site to rip the ATM from the wall.

Last week, police said that several criminal gangs were behind the series of the raids, with paramilitaries potentially cashing in on some of the ill-gotten gains.

Shop owner Martin O’Kane surveyed the damage from behind a police cordon on Sunday afternoon.

He said: ‘The men who did this are just scumbags.

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