Watch Hausa man who was caught stealing big generator in the house

Posted on May 15, 2019

Beware of your gate men who watch your house when you are not at home.There are different they steal your properties and nobody see them.

Watch this guy how he carried generator the inside the bag and escaped.

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Watch people who enter your compound

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Generators are valuable to your business. While they are expensive, they are also essential to your operation. Any downtime can lead to costs adding up quickly. Yet, generators can be stolen or damaged through vandalism. Even large industrial generators that seem to be safe can still be a target for experienced thieves with the right determination and motivation. All generators can suffer costly damage if vandalism occurs.
Thieves have no interest in targeting areas that put them at risk. Lights can be an easy deterrent then. Place ample lighting (fixed lighting) around the generator.

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